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Aurora, Texas, is literally "the town that almost was" as the towns tiny history book states, and one of its few, if not its only, claim to fame is the burial site of an alien pilot that crashed there in his airship, the most memorable event in a string of UFO sightings which covered a three state area between 18.Aurora is located just off US 287 west of Rhome, about a mile south, on State Highway 114 to Bridgeport.The last days of steam are also represented with with steam passenger trains leaving Waterloo for the South West and the tank engines on the railways of the Isle of Wight.Where appropriate, a commentary for the silent film has been added by archivists of the West Sussex Record Office.Passenger service ended in 1985 at which time it was converted into Beaver County’s first 911 Center.The Allegheny Foundation’s capstone gift helps the project surpass its original 2012 campaign goal and open the building for public use and enjoyment.Number 28 was used in freight service for most of its regular working life.

A 1986 movie, "The Aurora Encounter," produced by Charles B. The official historical marker was installed by the State of Texas, and although nobody knows exactly where the grave is located, it is certain that the alien was, in fact, buried in the Aurora Cemetery, after the efforts of the local doctor failed to save its life following the crash. There is currently a renewed movement in town to exhume the body of the alien, replace the headstone and do a complete search for remains of the crash. For many years, this community burial ground was known as Masonic Cemetery.

The Eberhardt and Ober Brewing Company was established at Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, in 1870 by John Peter Ober and his brother-in-law William Eberhardt, son of another Allegheny City, Pennsylvania brewer. The modern-day Pennsylvania Brewing Company is located on this site and continues to brew and distribute beer to this day.

The Eberhardt and Ober Brewing Company records consist of a small, diverse collection of materials documenting labor relations, legislative issues, production, and scientific research pertaining to the brewing industry n the late 19th century. The surviving main office and administrative building of the original brewery complex is now listed in the National Register of Historic Sites.

The collection exhibited at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park contains 5 steam locomotives dating from 1891 to 1925.

Of this total, 3 operated on the Sierra Railway and successor Sierra Railroad during its days as a completely steam-operated railroad. Both are now returned to their original home at Railtown 1897, where they see occasional service in movie trains. 19 Meister/White/Muni 1920 Gas-Mechanical Gift July 1997 of Mrs.

Today it hauls the excursion train at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park.

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