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But violence against women is ubiquitous in India and can take many forms. Violence against women, whether urban or rural, or perpetrated by an acquaintance or stranger, mob or an individual, doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Orang’s case also demonstrates that violence against women often — though not always — intersects with violence against underprivileged and vulnerable groups.

Five years ago, Laxmi Orang, a 17-year-old student from Assam, was participating in a peaceful protest to press for greater rights for the northeastern state’s Adivasi (tribal) community and tea plantation workers. These can be defined along lines of caste, religion, ethnicity or geography.

“They can’t keep talking down to us, but they must engage with us.

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I am overwhelmed with the positive and exciting experiences I have made and the hospitality of Indians towards me. Let me compare notes with some of Michaela’s experiences to explain what I am saying. They stare with the same curiosity that I get stared at in so many other countries I have traveled to in Africa, South America, Eastern and Southern Europe and other Asian countries.Protests against a brutal gang rape galvanized thousands of young Facebook- and Twitter-savvy Indians last week, and they once again exposed the Indian government’s beleaguered and ­often-blundering efforts to join the social media bandwagon.The government appeared to be caught off guard by the outrage that started online and spilled into the streets over the Dec.Four men who repeatedly gang raped a young woman on a bus as it drove around Delhi have been sentenced to death by hanging, in a case that has sparked protests about the safety of women in India.A 23-year-old female physiotherapy student and her male companion were attacked after they boarded the bus on December 16 last year.I guess that is a natural reaction to somebody considered exotic.

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