After four years of dating


I will answer your question in regards to “getting him to chase you,” but I think it would be worthwhile to do a self-check as to what you’re really after here.

When he was pursuing you, you felt like you had control and could choose whether or not you wanted him around. You came back together and over time, things changed.

KATY, Texas- If the old saying, love and time are the only things that can’t be bought is true; after dating for 41 years, Bill and Linda Bownds have plenty of both.

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News of their relationship previously broke in spring 2015.His bride, Linda, quickly interjected, “But I love him too.”Surrounded by the family that brought them together, stories from when they met in 1975 and how it lasted this long are shared.“Just try to make the other person happy,” said Bill.“Just put the other person first and make it a goal making that other person happy.”Bill and Linda have always been “together” although they have never lived under the same room.The former co-stars have gone their separate ways after nearly four years of dating, ET has learned.RELATED: ' Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley Talks Nina Dobrev's ' Satisfying' Return and Paying ' Homage' to Fans With Steroline's Wedding" data-reactid="20" last year, describing the experience as "cool" and "nice." WATCH: ' Vampire Diaries' Cast Wraps Filming on Final Season: ' Thank You for Being Part of This Journey'" data-reactid="25" WATCH: 'Vampire Diaries' Cast Wraps Filming on Final Season: 'Thank You for Being Part of This Journey'"It was crazy, I had never worked with her before.A few months later, the couple was spotted ringing in the New Year in Miami — and an eyewitness saw them "holding hands and walking near the pool" at the So Ho House.

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