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We know exactly what it means to be an Indian and single in the UK.Out of many European countries, the British East India Company became the major force in India.The Company's troops led by defeated the rulers of Bengal in 1757. This was the beginning of British rule, known as the , in India. After this, the British got control over Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Arab (some have a fetish for understanding why crazy Muslims hate American culture and the West) . Indian I don't know about white women in general but WN women do NOT date them b/c: 1. White men are the pinnacle of human evolutionary excellence, why in the world would we down grade?! Indian men smell god awful, even being near them makes me want to barf. Many of its leading figures have thrived in India's armed forces, where the current Air Chief Marshal N. K Browne is an Anglo-Indian, and in the country's extensive railways, which they once dominated.

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