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Have you ever stumbled upon a new Cydia release that you wished to remember, but then later forgot about it?Wouldn’t it be cool if you could designate your favorite tweaks so that you could easily remember and find them later?I tried Speed Deal and Ani Weather without any problem.Both keep the personalization, also changing the X-Software's path.This is usually a very efficient way to figure out issues. Problem: Text in the popup is bleeding over itself?Solutions: This is an issue when Firefox browser only zooms text (but not others such as images).Problem: In Firefox, after change the temperature unit, only the units for current and today are changed, but the remaining ones are untouched.Solutions: There is a suspicious Firefox bug where certain changes in the toolbar/statusbar might not be updated timely. In the mean time, restart Firefox will clear the issue. Solutions: Ani Weather uses a web based configuration system for enhanced user experience and timely update.

It allows you to save Cydia releases and manage them from one central location.

Tapping on a favorite works exactly like you might assume, in that it takes you to the package description page of the tweak.

You can also swipe on the name of the tweak and access additional options like Modify, Install, or Delete.

When you tap the star icon, you’ll be taken to your listing of favorite tweaks.

Once there, you can use the ‘ ’ sign in the upper right-hand corner to search for and add tweaks to your favorites.

Possiede le stesse caratteristiche di Chrome, ma ha un logo leggermente differente[En] Chromium is the open source web browser project from which Google Chrome draws its source code.

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