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Anthony Callea also added that he doesn’t really care whether the Australian government recognizes his marriage with Campbell or not, but they are legally married and have a marriage certificate, and that’s all that matters.

In fact, Anthony Callea expressed the sentiment of the LGBT community in Australia, saying that it’s “a very sad situation” that the country is one of the last nations in the West to legalize same-sex marriage.

And the main reason why Anthony Callea is so eager to make same-sex marriage legal in Australia is because he feels “sorry” for younger kids in the country.

is Anthony Callea’s fifth studio album and was released on September 16.

Tim Campbell, a Minneapolis gay activist and newspaper publisher who was known for his confrontational style, died from esophageal cancer on Dec. Campbell was best known as the founder and publisher of Minneapolis’ GLC Voice newspaper…

Anthony says The Palms at Crown is the perfect venue for this sort of gig, because it allows for an intimate connection with the audience. These days, Anthony and his actor husband Tim Campbell are splitting their time between Los Angeles and Melbourne.

“There was stuff written in the paper a while ago . “The question was asked a while ago and we weren't, but we have gotten to a point where we are very happy together.” Even host (and Campbell's manager) Ian “Dicko” Dickson was surprised: “That's the first I have heard you actually say that you are,” Dicko said. Here are some of the most popular videos in case you are wondering (or just want to hear him sing over and over and over again, lol!

Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles.

Despite being openly gay to family and friends since he was 20, it wasn’t until 2008 that the former Home and Away star came out publicly.

If that was a move that affected career opportunities, he isn’t sure.

And even though the album debuted at number one in Australia, the media says the album is still a “failure.” But the media’s logic is that Anthony Callea’s album sales did not reflect the album’s number one position. And the media slamming Anthony Callea’s new album is not the first instance when charts don’t really reflect the reality of what’s going in the music industry.

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