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She tried out for Season 11 and definitely had a solid fan base, and word has it she’s headed back to the show to try again. Fans hope so and have a hunch this could be her year. This dancer is 23-years-old and she was born Jana Vankova.

Now going by “Jaja,” Vankova is originally from the Czech Republic.

EP in September 2016, broached the subject of police brutality in the striking video for “Black Man” with Quavo, Meek Mill and Ra Ra, and even participated in an New York City protest on November 9 after Trump was officially elected.

After being in America's Best Dance Crew, I.a M.m E, she's the most loved girl in America.

Travis Wall will be heading up Team Stage while t Witch will head up Team Street. Some would say it gives her an opportunity to showcase what she can really do and keep her from getting lost in the crowd as may have been the case last season.

Vankova has been dancing since her early teen years, and she performed with a crew named Out of Bounds back in the Czech Republic in 2006.

Four of the original crew members are still dancing with I.a M.

Me Crew consisting of Phillip “Pac Man” Chbeeb, Brandon “747” Harrell, Emilio “Millie” Dosal and Jana “Jaja” Vankova.

The dance crew is a mosaic of races, cultures and sexes which serves as a message to the world that awaits a society that puts asides differences and can come together.

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