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But that all changed with smartphone innovator Apple's release of Face Time with the i Phone 4, the real kickoff of the video chat craze.

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Once it became popular it took on a life of its own and was often used outside of its original context.If you live in an Apple-only universe with constant access to Wi-Fi (and so does everyone you want to talk to), look no further than Face Time.But everyone else needs a good video chat app, too.While text messages are usually sent over a phone network, due to the convergence between the telecommunication and broadcasting industries in the 2000s, text messages may also be sent via a cable network or Local Area Network.containing digital images, videos, and sound content, as well as ideograms known as emoji (happy faces and other icons).Video chatting's all the rage right now, and it's only going to get more popular as front-facing phone cameras become more common.

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