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Project leader Mr Matheus Erler said: ‘This won’t be a place for nuns, but it’s not like we’re trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah.

If attendees want to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby motel - which we will operate.’Other bizarre parks around the world include Bon Bon-Land in Denmark, an X-rated theme park where you can ride on the Fart Dog Switchback, the Rubbish Dump and the Skid Mark roller-coaster, Pedroland, in South Carolina, based on a 1950s-era ethnic stereotype and The Holy Land Experience in Florida, which is based on the life and times of Jesus Christ.

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In a country where victims have long suffered in silence, the case has caused a major stir.

A popular Brazilian telenovela has become the first to broadcast a sex scene between two male characters.

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“People realise these are contemporary issues that are being addressed in a historical context.” Pereira went on to discuss the challenges faced by gay men in the time period.Real nudity and amazing dolls, all moody for kinky stuff while exposing their gorgeous nude assets in spicy manners.Watch them working out naked and delight with their share beauty!read more Coming from the early '80s, Aluga se Mocas is a Brazilian retro classic following the story of young girls in a poor town, mingling with rich businessman.Erotic scenes of interracial beauty, passionate sex and world class actresses make it a must...The youngest one, virginal Silene, is unexpectedly sent back home.

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