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Love, the proposal, and the red box are the three themes Cartier has entrusted to the Italian director Luca Guadagnino (2011 Oscar nominee for the Best Foreign Film: “I Am Love”).

Working with the American screenwriter Xan Cassavettes, the director shows three proposals of marriage, three iconic love stories involving Paris and jewellery, each set in a different part of the city: the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the Opéra and the Palais Royale.

Electroporation is of interest for many drug-delivery and gene-therapy applications.

Prior studies have shown that a two-pulse-electroporation protocol consisting of a short-duration, high-voltage first pulse followed by a longer, low-voltage second pulse can increase delivery efficiency and preserve viability.

Die Zahl der geleisteten Arbeitsstunden aller Erwerbstätigen sei um 1,2 Prozent auf 8,3 Milliarden angestiegen, teilte das Statistische Landesamt mit. Zunächst gibt es eine mehrwöchige Probe, wie Betriebsleiter Markus Lorenz sagte.

Förderverein gegründet Die Gundschule Bünzwangen hat einen Förderverein mit 22 Mitgliedern gegründet.

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A series of two-pulse-electroporation experiments were performed on 3T3-mouse fibroblast cells, with an alternating-current first pulse to permeabilize the cell, followed by a direct-current second pulse.The delivered FD concentration also decreased linearly with the logarithm of the inter-pulse delay.The data indicate that membrane resealing after electropermeabilization occurs rapidly, but that a non-negligible fraction of the pores can be reopened by the second pulse for delay times on the order of hundreds of seconds.With the Italian actress Valentina Cervi (The Portrait of a Lady, directed by Jeanne Campion).Two guests escape from a grand reception in a mansion on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, ending up together in the intimacy of a room overlooking the roofs of Paris.Zehn Jahre sind dabei: Anton Eckstein, Markus Lorenz, Alexander Nau, Leni Rall und Michael Werz.

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