Consolidating sep ira who david archuleta dating


Whether you have moved on to another company, started your own business, or retired, you may not want your employer to continue to have manage your retirement account.

So, despite my relative lack of expertise, I've written this snippet about rollover IRAs and SEP-IRAs. Confirm everything, preferably with several sources. I found that even accountants and mutual fund advisors gave me conflicting advice.It's a place to "park" pre-tax investments until retirement.You move pre-tax investments into a rollover IRA directly -- you take anything in cash.Instead, it gives you the opportunity to consolidate your portfolio and decide how your funds are invested.For example, you can choose a financial institution or investment manager with lower fees and stronger focus on after-tax returns, which ultimately increases the value of your account.The only quasi-exception to this is for the surviving spouse: She can combine ("roll over") money she receives as a distribution from the deceased spouse's retirement plan or IRA into her own IRA, thereby "converting" an inherited plan into her own IRA.

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