Covenant dating


It is not a physical and natural induced site but a spiritually minded site with biblical counseling that seeks to link up covenant people preparing for their covenant heaven on earth marriage. Are you seeking for a covenant and God fearing partner? If you are interested in meeting covenant brethren with an intention to consummate such relationship into marriage, kindly log in and register.

It is not a site for deceit, cheater, fraud or money making but a site for serious minded and covenant brethren who are prepared and ready to consummate relationship into marriage.

By contrast, Genesis 17 contains the covenant of circumcision (conditional). To make of Abraham a great nation and bless Abraham and make his name great so that he will be a blessing, to bless those who bless him and curse him who curses him and all peoples on earth would be blessed through Abraham.

Covenants in biblical times were often sealed by severing an animal, with the implication that the party who breaks the covenant will suffer a similar fate.

Regardless of the compromises you make to try to please another's flesh or even your own, it will not bring true joy to the spirit.

This forum is established to create an interactive forum for matured single ladies and men who are trusting God for their life partners.

It is a forum created for people of like-mind to meet, interact, and assess one another to discover covenant hidden traits, values, background, upbringing, thinking, emotion, judgement, tastes, preferences and interests that will assist in marital decision making.

God can do for you what He has done for countless others!

Covenant Dating can help all those seeking a marriage partner to abide by God’s intended plan to take you to help-meet status as a covenant partner.

I come from a moral background, and I can see the power of the show, and imagine my old school-teachers cringing, or my grandparents thinking 'Oh my God' when they see me, say, having sex on a bar stool.

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