Dating a woman with trust issues

Most women don’t even think their relationship will be short so they are looking for trust right from day one.

There is an exception to every rule like women who engage in casual sex or there is the odd woman who just isn’t looking for a relationship but even those are still looking for some sort of trust. Of course her guard is going to go up every time she gets involved with a new man.

, constantly having to answer questions that you don’t want to and engage in arguments that aren’t even anger-worthy.

It gets frustrating constantly having to reassure her you’re committed and equally frustrating having to always prove your character just because she dated a DOUCHE in the past who acted the damn fool.

She always wants to know where you are, or shows up late all the time.

Are these things just annoying, or signs of relationship trouble ahead?

I think this comes from being taught at a young age that strange men can be dangerous and they have to be careful.

She also has to listen very carefully to what the man says because she knows that a man will say anything to get what he wants.These men become insecure and when YOUR happy ass comes strolling along full of sunshine, flowers and lollipops and lures his heart into the zone he thought he would never go again [LOVE] he will go CRAZY at the idea you may be cheating.And that pain and disrespect that he CANNOT return in-kind emotionally, will become something he will want to return PHYSICALLY with his wannabe Anderson Silva punk-ass.In any relationship trust is such a huge factor for all involved usually.In this article I will try and bring women’s trust issues to light a bit and see why they have so much trouble with trust. For the most part a man could not care about trust in the beginning.But, typically, dealing with a man with trust issues is EXPONENTIALLY more dangerous to a woman’s mental, emotional and physical health.

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