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They don’t necessarily place a garment in a specific year, but they will help you narrow down the time range. Velcro® was invented in 1948, but not used in clothing much until the 1960s.KEEP IT TOGETHER – fasteners Men’s dress trousers continue to have button flies through the 1940s. Vintage slips, bras, and garters have metal hardware, not plastic.If you want to stand out in a sea of red in a shade that’s just as sexy, add some cobalt to your closet. Aquazzura Sexy Thing Sandals (5) in Sky Blue We’re aware that we just advised against wearing stilettos. It’s pretty much a given that a necklace is the most frequently noticed piece of jewellery by men (hello, collarbone/decolletage area).They’ll love a simple gold piece that draws the eye to that area, for obvious reasons. It’s flattering, bold, and pairs beautifully with other colours. You'll look like a temp, or a seven year old at a wedding. This principle is the mirror of the first - stylish vs. If the only jacket you have is big and baggy and left over from college, don't wear a jacket.

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Use cologne lightly, if at all; deodorant might be all you need. Try to choose clothing that can go a multitude of ways - with a tie/without, with a sweater, under a jacket, etc. Even if you're wearing casual/dressy-casual clothing, at least go the extra bit to wear a dressier belt and shoes. Never wear a white shirt and khaki pants, unless you're going boating, even with a dark/colorful tie. If you're wearing lighter pants, balance it with a dark sweater. Depending on your beard, you might consider not shaving before your date, especially if you shaved that morning, or the night before. I got the idea for this post after suggesting first-date and going out outfits to at least 60 friends. I admit, I used to be someone who “dressed for girls.” In other words, my favorite silhouette was the baby doll dress and I had an epic collection of printed flats and flowy shirts. I feel I’m doing a service here–not everyone has the time to sit in Barnes and Noble for ten hours tearing through the relationships section. Today’s topic–how to dress so a guy will take notice and think you are sexy.We don’t think your guy would object to you wearing these stunners, though. We all know the importance of color and how it effects others' perception of you when you wear it.Scroll down for our roundup of sure-fire items to catch his attention, in the best way possible!

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