Dating dead men kozak


As she meets up with an array of small-time crooks and swaggering mobsters only slightly more sinister than the men she's been dating, Wollie realizes that "getting dumped" is the least of her problems. Dating Dead Men will keep readers guessing until the final bullet is shot--and cheering for the irresistible Wollie as she makes her way out of confusion and into the welcoming embrace of Mr. Kozak matches this endearing protagonist with effectively drawn minor players, including two sassy girlfriends and a ferret named Margaret.

But there are so many other things I want to write that that's not in the immediate future.

Even Stephanie Plum's antics will seem sedate after readers make the acquaintance of Los Angeles's own Wollie Shelley....

Wollie Shelley is a greeting card artist and owner of a small greeting card store.

Soon after that, she gets kidnapped by an attractive and charismatic man.

The mob and others are after this man, who Wollie calls Doc, because they believe he knows the location of some valuable merchendise.

he critically acclaimed and multiple award winning debut novel from Harley Jane Kozak, is a fast-paced, flawless blend of romance, comedy, and suspense.

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