Dating for middle aged people


Who are these people who claim to manage hedge funds while running marathons, building houses in Honduras, and climbing Kilimanjaro in their spare time?

There are hundreds of virtual lives like this, although I have never met someone with a real life like this.

One-upmanship when it comes to adventure-seeking is really one-upmanship in the mating game, and neither are competitions I care to enter. Knowing me, I’d soon be choosing between paying the African equivalent of a Sherpa to haul me up the mountain on a backboard, and tossing my Scrabble set and all other belongings over the side of the mountain like Bill Bryson’s friend did on the Appalachian Trail.

Either way, I likely would not be conscious at the moment of summiting, although this detail could be left out of my online profile.

I probably would’ve run for the hills.” “Don’t worry,” I said.

“A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you any of those things.” We agreed that we couldn’t have been in love with each other at any other time in our lives except right now, that we’re lucky to have found each other when we did.

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His solution: be himself – minus the furrowed brow. It is important to keep in mind that other, similar-aged people are also looking for romance.Some people my age — extreme middle-age — train for marathons, or paddle down the Amazon, skydive, or adopt. And having realized this one long-shot dream with my grown child gave me the confidence to try something even harder: to date. The thing was, I had just done something brave, which was to write a memoir with my son, tour the East Coast together, and appear on stages before hundreds of people at a time.(MORE: Letter to My Sons: What We Talk About When We Talk About Love) It may have taken us a while, but we know who we are and what we’ve been waiting for, and we see it all in each other and that fills us up like nothing has ever done before.I know we’re still in the wild-thing beginning of love, which is always intoxicating and thrilling to the bone.I think that should make me feel good about myself, although for all I know, the lady who dives the Great Barrier Reef and rides her Harley on weekends has been viewed 147 times.

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