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and Mac Kenzie Falls and of Chad's rude behavior toward the So Random! Still, being the independent person that she was, Sonny allowed a "frenemy" relationship to develop between them, feuding with him over pointless things one second and sharing a heartfelt conversation the next.They had dated for a while, and kissed for the first time in the episode "Sonny With a Kiss." The So Random!Well be on air through the night, combining all the political analysis and election results you need with a healthy dose of top comedy. The other half of each couple stays in the room, and answers questions about their mate/date.See full summary » "I've Got a Secret" debuted on the heels of the successful "What's My Line?" Though "Secret" had somewhat similar rules, there were other elements that gave the show its own distinctive ... The host/hostess tailors some planned questions to the group and to certain couples.

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CHANNEL 4'S ALTERNATIVE ELECTION NIGHTAs the polls close, Jeremy Paxman, David Mitchell and Richard Osman will host Channel 4s Alternative Election Night, the all-night feast of reaction, comment and analysis as the results of this snap election come in.They need to write each answer down, so that when their partner returns he/she can give their own answer to each question. In a jar, fold up slips of paper that have different "love/relationship" related words on them.Assign point values for each question that is a match. Team #1 gets to draw first, and they must sing a song (at least one line of lyrics) with the word they have chosen in it.David Mitchell and Richard Osman will be on hand to provide their own incisively funny interpretation of events, with additional analysis from Channel 4 News presenters Cathy Newman and Gary Gibbon joining in the studio.The Channel 4 News reporting team will also be on the ground in key electoral battlegrounds, reporting right through the night and bringing the latest news and results along with expert guests.See full summary » Monty Hall hosts this hilarious half-hour gameshow in which audience contestants picked at random, dressed in ridiculous costumes, try to win cash or prizes by choosing curtain number 1, 2 ...

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