Dating hummel figurines

I hope you will print this guide and keep it handy while shopping at e Bay.Drawings by Sister Maria Innocentia - Figurine #85 "Serenade" M I hummel figurines were created by a warm, simple Bavarian girl whose name was Berta Hummel. It was either incised as a signature, along with one of the other Crown Marks, or used as a backstamp in blue or black. 4 & 5 MI Hummel signature on Figurine base The absence of this signature is common because of the small base area of most Hummel figurines. Fig.14, the small stylized bee was used concurrently with the large stylized bee from about 1960, and continued after 1963 until about 1972. TMK-4 The Three Line Mark circa 1963/64 – 1972 This Hummel mark is often referred to as the “3-line” or “3LM” mark, and was always* backstamped in blue.*”Always” is a dangerous word – both Goebel and experienced collectors admit the possibility of a “black” TMK-4. 1934/35 – 1949/50 This signature mark was included on all Hummel pieces with enough base space. *Both marks are often accompanied by a stamped black “West” or “Western Germany”.I put alot of effort and time into this guide, please take the time to scroll to the bottom and click on "guide was helpful" or "guide was not helpful".Let me start by saying I have invested many years into researching, buying, selling and collecting these adorable figurines.Hummel Figurines have been a part of many peoples lives over the year.

But authentic Hummels will always have one of the Goebel TMK marks on the bottom of the figurine. TMK-3 The Stylized Bee Marks circa 1959/60 – 1972 Fig.13 is known as the large stylized bee – used primarily from 1960 through 1963. Germany” is placed to the right of the bottom of the “V”. TMK-5 “The Last Bee” circa 1972 – 1979 Developed and occasionally used as early as 1970, this major change is known by some collectors as the Last Bee mark because the next change in the trademark no longer incorporated any form of the V and the bee.I get 100’s of value requests weekly and it is very time consuming to reply to every request.If you couldn’t find the value of your Hummel on the Hummel Value Chart you may want to consider getting a copy of my Complete Hummel Price Guide. Each Hummel in this guide has a higher value than the purchase price of the value guide.This is a Hummel figurines and collectibles suggested retail price and estimated auction (fair market value) price guide.Use this chart to find out the value of your Hummel. Most of the known marks used over the years are shown here. When both are used on the same piece it is known as a "double crown" mark. Hummel's death, Goebel wished in some way to pay tribute to her fine artistry.

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