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After taking a specific look at the differences between Clinton fans and Trump supporters, Match discovered that Trump supporters were 99% more likely than Clinton fans to have a sex tape of themselves, and 1,104% more likely to expect "sexual contact" on a first date.

Trump supporters were also 82% more likely to be unemployed.

On February 1st, 2017, we polled 1,320 Coffee Meets Bagel members across the United States and asked: Are politics affecting your dating life? A whopping 70% of singles who identified themselves as Democrats said politics are impacting their dating lives “slightly” to “profoundly,” alongside 55% of Independent singles, and 43% of Republican singles.

Among those who said their dating lives are impacted, 82% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 66% of Republicans said, “It’s more important that my matches’ political views are similar to mine.” 40% of Democrats, 34% of Independents, and 22% of Republicans said, “It’s more important for me to talk about politics early on in the date.” Some singles explained why sharing similar political views has become more important.

Our members definitely have a type – is this a clue for the Election’s outcome tomorrow night?

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Asked how he'd describe the site to Democrats, Goss said he'd describe it as "a regular dating site where people who are fans of Donald Trump can go and meet each other".

Many cited the fact that they “can accept difference of opinion and value that in others” as the reason why politics have had little influence on their dating lives.

"Most of the time, we go through an analogue verification process which means looking through every profile. But we're doing that so people don’t get harassed," says Goss. "If they [Democrats] wanna try and get on the site, it’s not gonna work.

If that person’s views were gonna be swayed they would have been swayed by now," he says.

As Helen Fisher, Ph D and advisor to Match, commented to The Washington Post, "One thing that Trump doesn’t have is impulse control, and that’s very appealing to this group of people."Clinton fans, meanwhile, were 129% more likely than Trump supporters to drink red wine, and 606% more likely to identify as gay; they were also 102% more likely to lie about how many sex partners they've had.

While voting and dating may not have much to do with one another, if you're looking for love and were waiting for a sign to get involved in this year's race, this may be it.

The online dating service Match has just released the results of its sixth annual Singles in America study, and with the presidential election rapidly approaching, researchers zeroed in on how politics and dating collide.

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