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Peter A Mindfulness-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disability, N.

Welty An Evaluation of Cattle on the Lives of Farmers in Wayne County, Ohio, Samantha Wallis Lundeen An Evaluation of Mesodon and other larger Terrestrial Gastropod Shells for Dating Late Holocene and Historic Alluvium in the Midwestern USA, M.

There persists, however, throughout the whole period [a] fixed scientific cosmology…[1] There is a surprising affinity here between the system which Whitehead sketches and the tripartite model of history introduced by Fernand Braudel, a model which also—famously—took its inspiration from the sea.

I mark this only in passing, but it is worth wondering—idly, at least—if Braudel could possibly have had any exposure to Whitehead’s book.

(That link will take you to a great recent essay regarding the disputes about where to begin dating this proposed new stratigraphic era and what kind of politics different starting points will entail.) In actuality, neither “climate” nor “opinion” seem to me to offer a fair indication as to how Becker uses the term, but regardless of its somewhat inapposite handle, it remains an intriguing concept that I wish to play with a little here., but then, Jewett’s work exhibits a level of scrupulousness and assiduity that few books can hope to attain.When an infection sets in Ricky and Kate become even more concerned.10 December 1983It's Ricky's 13th Birthday and his first with his father.I’ll let readers draw whatever connections or have any reflections they want to, or not. Yet, as apparently our “top American novelist” is also someone whom it has become increasingly popular to despise, I feel like just the story itself, somehow, is relevant for this blog.Not because I am special, but rather because I suspect I am typical.Ricky feels guilty after the prank, while Kate over identifies with the taunting.

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