Dating with mental illness


About 18 million Americans suffer from depression and another 20 million worldwide use dating websites each month, according to Online Dating Magazine.

Chances are, there are people who will be in both groups.

“Sometimes if you don’t feel like smiling but are in a situation where you’re expected to be happy, that can make you feel even worse,” says Helen Friedman, Ph D, a clinical psychologist in private practice in St. That said, meeting a new person can also be a source of joy.I was checking out a guy’s profile on a dating site. If you’ve never had any mental illness, who wants to date a crazy person?He was nerdy, clean-cut, and very easy on the eyes. Many people think of mental illness in extremes and stereotypes, i.e., depressed people never get out of bed or those with OCD will never leave the bathroom.My mind swims with thoughts that he deserves so much better than what I have to offer. According to a survey conducted by Psych Guides, 35% of people who have mental health disorders feel they aren't good enough for their partners. Societal stigmas around mental illness are alive and well -- and hurting our ability to have healthy relationships.When you have a mental illness, you worry about scaring partners away: What if I sound crazy?More than 80% of people who seek treatment get relief from symptoms, according to Mental Health America.

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