Dennis trillo heart evangelista dating who is jac vanek dating 2016

Dennis and Heart only have well-written hirit lines to throw for the public to consume with gusto.It is a departure, too, from the now-overused hugot lines that reflect the emotional and often-bitter at romance Pinoys.“Kakaibang project ito and we were given the freedom to experiment,” said Dennis.

What’s the cheesiest thing that Chiz has done for you? He likes to write books, like…a love letter that’s thick as a notebook, explaining how much he loves me, that day when he saw me, how beautiful I was and stuff like that…. What kind of girl would make you want to tie the knot? Wedding fair For those who have the itch to get hitched, don’t miss the second “I Do Wedding Fair 2016: Your Marketplace for the Best Wedding Deals,” on May 28 and 29 at SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall, from 11 a.m. What adjustments are you and Chiz (Escudero) still making as husband and wife?I’m building a house now, so maybe when we move in, that’s when I will really see certain adjustments.File photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler (Billy)/Instagrma/@nikkigil/@jamesyap18/@withlovekrisaquino MANILA, Philippines – Breakups are hard, and that's much more pronounced when you're in the public eye.Philippine showbiz has had its share of talked about breakups.Here are 9 ex-couples who made headlines when they split: 1.

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