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Skarsgård says its appeal is that 'you can sit back and enjoy it, but it's also really intelligent.

It says a lot about society today and about how we relate to each other.' His appearances as Eric in the first series were few but mesmerising, and instantly propelled him to the status of the series' sex symbol.

Sweden used to be known for peace, Abba and long hours of daylight.

She plays Molly Stearns in The Idles of March, which is a film based around an idealistic staffer for a new presidential candidate who gets a crash course in dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail.

Not only because it's a well-regarded TV show with a loyal fan base, but because everyone in the cast seems to either get married or at least have one good hookup, as Evan Rachel Wood implied during a recent interview."God, that set is just a lovefest over there," admitted Evan, the show's resident vampire queen, to E! Although the answer seems to be a screaming 'yes,' Evan's lips are evidently staying shut!

'I was not expecting to see ALL of Alexander Skarsgard but woah' another shocked viewer posted. Celeste hits back her husband by whacking him in the groin with a tennis racquet.'Nicole Kidman hit Alexander Skarsgard's prosthetic c*** with a tennis racket this is the best scene I've ever seen' one very amused fan wrote in response to the moment.

Perry ends up in the hospital after the incident and angrily tells Celeste 'You’re lucky I didn’t kill you' when the couple returns home.

costars Alexander Skarsgård and Evan Rachel Wood were sinking their teeth into each other off-camera when they were spotted hanging out off-set.

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