Dlsu validating test results 2016

Account Name: Hermano (San) Miguel Febres Cordero Medical Education Foundation, Inc.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI): Account Number: 0963-0908-89 Developmental Bank of the Philippines (DBP): Account Number: 0650-013883030 China Bank (CB): Account Number: 265-054741-6 3.

They used the AUN’s framework for Quality Assurance at the Institutional Level.

Apply now and be a Lasallian achiever for God and country!

A student’s application will be given due course when the student-applicant meets all the academic requirements and has none of the disqualification prescribed by the School, the Department of Education Manual of Rules and Regulations 2011 and the DLSZ Student Handbook as amended and such other rules promulgated by the School.

The school reserves the right at any time to refuse, to admit, or to re-admit students under certain conditions as enrolment in DLSZ is a privilege.

Many Filipinos look to both Contreras and Yap for leadership in a growing movement to rid the Philippines of a long tradition of election cheating.

Anonymous Philippines for its part have announced their own on-going non-partisan investigation into electoral fraud and have indicated that they are close to submitting the results of that investigation to the proper authorities.

In his Facebook post, Contreras quotes Vega saying…

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