Fat gay men dating


Men are lucky, or unlucky if you will, in that no single factor determines their overall desirability.

Women like tall men, certainly, and they like them handsome, but a nice looking 19-year-old, awkward pizza delivery boy generally has a hard time getting laid.

What will happen to dating now that two-thirds of the nation’s women are overweight or obese?

Weight gain in the population is causing plenty of anguish for all of us, but when it comes to romance, each gender is affected very differently.

On the other hand, a plain looking, semi-charming multimillionaire with a yacht likely does pretty well for himself.

In a woman’s eyes, a global judgment is made involving height, facial appearance, wealth, ambition, personality, family and social networks, talents (music, art, athletics), and even the opinions of other men and women.

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