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Learn more about the little-known story of the five Japanese midget submarines that beat the planes to Pearl Harbor and nearly blew the cover of the surprise attack. The Japanese navy considered the 78-foot-long miniature submarines to be their secret weapon.

By the pale light of a waning moon, the American sailor spied something unusual piercing the glassy skin of the Pacific Ocean less than two miles south of the entrance to Pearl Harbor.

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The December, 7th 1941 Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor was one of the great defining moments in history.“There’s a tendency among military staff to make their plans more complicated than they have to be, and the Japanese navy, in particular, tended to over-plan its operations” Robert Citino, senior historian at The National WWII Museum, tells HISTORY.“The pilots who were actually going to carry out the raid were deathly afraid that if one of the midget subs were sunk or captured that they would give the surprise away.Your details will be processed and your subscription paid.Please forward your details promptly to avoid delays, DO NOT send the reminder and invoice details to the MG Car Club as this will delay the process.Downgrading: Downgrading your package is not allowed.

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