Furry adult chat game

The overall roleplaying theme is a world of anthropomorphic characters, with significant BDSM undertones.Characters may have consensual Tiny Sex freely in the public areas of the game world; non-consensual acts are usually restricted to designated areas or private rooms.As of 2012, Tapestries became the largest and most populated MU* dedicated to the fandom, surpassing Furry MUCK with a peak of 961 simultaneously connected users; it now averages a maximum of 820 users a night.In March 2007, the MUCK's website was converted into a Media Wiki wiki.Use the WHO command to find out who is currently active. Authors retain all rights to text, programs and other materials published on Tapestries MUCK.The wizards reserve the right to refuse anyone access for any reason. Not for sale or reproduction without the express writtenpermission from Tapestries MUCK, and/or the orignal Authors.He didn't manage to get the final one, if anyone knows it, please let us know.

Please don't make posts complaining that it this a demo. Not all my submissions are demos, so please check those out too.

An unlimited variety of character origins are permitted by the game's administrators.

The game world itself is based around the town of Layleaux, the center of most social interaction.

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A MUCK is an online role-playing game that is usually text-based and accessible through telnet, as well as a variety of MUCK clients. Creation might be restricted to simple objects, expanded to rooms and exits, or policy might allow for complex scripting.

This is just a highlight - for a virtually complete list, see Rhal's Furry MU*s Connector or explore Wiki Fur's multiplayer worlds category.

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