Gridview rowupdating textbox empty


I've got a textbox inside a Grid View and I'm able to find that control and even cast. I'm wondering if it is posting back and losing it's value or something. To String()) ' ID is your grid Data Key Names Dim gvr As Grid View Row = Grid View1. Row Index) Dim Text Box1 As Text Box = Direct Cast(gvr.

I'm betting I'm missing something simple but this problem is really important and I need fast resolution as it has already cost me a good deal of time. Find Control("Text Box1"), Text Box) ' Now you have the new value in Text Box1 Please, let me know if that helped...

getting erro "The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. " Hi; I am to create a custom control having a Calender extender .. Add(Date Text Box) Dim Extcalender As New Calendar Extender Extcalender. I've used this successfully before on a different website with "code above" VB, like &n...

Problem adding Calender Extender in a custom control . I'm assuming its a syntax issue, but i've been unable to resolve the issue. Hi All: I'm trying to insert some META tags into the Header of a child page, which is linked to a master page.

Here is my declaration inside the gridview First off, you can only extract references to controls within the Edit Item Template when updating. Hey Ahillyer, Please do the following : Dim file ID As Integer = Integer. So, you mean just change the Item Template to Edit Item Template?

The control you are trying to reference is within the Item Template which can't be referenced during the Grid View. As you can see, I've not done this before - actually, I did like 3 or 4 years ago but I don't remember.

If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. Design Of The Application Form How to Design the Form1. Select and click on Auto Format from the Grid View tasks.3. Add a property to the bound fields such as Header Field, Data Field name and then convert the bound fields to the Template Fields.7.Select a Scheme from the left side such as Professional and click Apply and OK.4. Uncheck the Check Box from the left side (Auto-generate fields).8.Add a Command Name as Delete to the Grid View Delete button.20.Add a Comman Name as Update to the Grid View Update Button.21.Anyhow, when I do that, the textbox doesn't show up.

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