Humiliation chat sites


There are really only two ways to (knowingly) share a wife as a husband: from a position of authority or from a position of non-authority.

Couples not overtly one or the other are leaving a natural part of their relationship on the table, unexplored.

When a couple recognizes this for what it really is, they can assume roles open to much deeper exploration.

If you mention the words 'cream pie' to most people, the image that comes up in their minds will be something sweet and creamy, a delicious dessert; banana cream pie, lemon cream pie, chocolate cream pie.

It is the cuckold's ultimate humiliation that another man has not only penetrated his wife or girlfriend, but also has inseminated her deep inside with his huge deposit of creamy white cum.

It is the cuckold's ultimate pleasure when his wife or girlfriend gives him the ultimate honor of licking her overflowing pussy clean of that thick, creamy pie.

These sites have the top performers that truely know their craft.

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Professional mistresses using strapons, whips, butt plugs, and chastity to grandstand their dominance to perfection!Without someone in ‘control’ there will be chaos (or at least a lot of room for uncertainty).For some couples, one partner is clearly the dominant partner.Again, by accessing any other content on this site, you are legally certifying that you are an adult as defined by your local laws and that your local community standards and laws are NOT in conflict with your own wish to enter this site.Humiliation is part of cuckolding because it is a form of power exchange.More often than not, it is the pussy cream pie in general that gets the most favor from cuckolds, but there are also other sexually exciting variations of the cream pie fetish that bring much arousal and stimulation.

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