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1969-70 – Excavation of Chagha Sefid, a site bridging the layers at Ali Kosh and Tepe Sabz, with evidence of the introduction of irrigation, new crops and cattle.

Colin Renfrew studied the obsidian, Jane Renfrew collected local plants and took the charred plant remains for study, and Jane Wheeler studied the fauna.

Brotherton P., Haak W., Templeton J., Brandt G., Soubrier J., Jane Adler C., Richards S. D., Ganslmeier R., Friederich S., Dresely V., Van Oven M., Kenyon R., Van Der Hoek M.

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Archaeological excavations have continued this summer within ‘The Heart of Neolithic Orkney’ World Heritage Site.

The Ring of Brodgar, the third largest standing stone circle in Britain and the Ness of Brodgar, its accompanying settlement site, have been the focus of an investigation funded by Historic Scotland and Orkney Island Council under the direction of Dr Jane Downes (Orkney College UHI) and Dr Colin Richards (Manchester University).

The survey revealed empty sockets suggesting the original was made up of at least 60 stones.

However, archaeologists continue to seek an answer for one big question – what was this monument for?

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1961 – Survey of valleys in western Iran with Kent Flannery.

No artefacts were expected but a time capsule from the 1970s excavation was a surprise discovery. Construction of the ditch surrounding the stone circle was also under investigation.

A tomography survey was undertaken to determine if the original circle contained more than the 27 megaliths standing today.

This season saw the anticipated re-opening of Professor Colin Renfrew’s 1973 trenches at the Ring of Brodgar, the impressive monument which is thought to be 4 to 4,500 years old although the date has never been scientifically confirmed.“Although the excavations 35 years ago were undertaken to obtain dating material and establish chronology, they failed due to the limitations of available dating techniques at the time,” explained archaeologist Dr Jane Downes.

“The advanced new techniques now at our disposal mean that this time our investigations should establish when the Ring of Brodgar was built and help us learn a great deal more about it.”Trenches were dug to the original ditch cut from bedrock by the builders of the stone circle.

In 2014, 74-year-old Isabelle Raycroft accused her husband of sexual assault.

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