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To you, the reader of The Roundup, I’ve read the ‘farewell addresses’ from past Editors-in-Chief, former leaders of The Roundup that formed this newspaper into what it is today.

These were leaders that I admired since they pioneered a fully-digital newspaper at Jesuit, an intrepid foundation that in turn gave me the experience of being […]Whether it’s cat dissections, clinical rotations, providing medicinal supplies for the needy, or learning about organic chemistry or microbiology, 2017 has been a busy year for the ever-expanding Jesuit Dallas Medical Society.

To apply for financial aid, go to the FACTS - Tuition / Financial Aid page to complete online application. For more information, please contact Cathy Mullin in the Finance Office at (972) 387.8700 x316.

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I entered kindergarten in the late 1960s, when the world was blowing up with racial tension, and graduated in the early 1980s.

Annual tuition, plus fees and books, are included below.

The school makes up the difference between the total cost of education and tuition by an annual fundraising drive among parents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, and friends of the school.

A Dallas native, Stephens entered Jesuit College Prep in 2001 and later graduated […]Jesuit’s faculty is definitively one of the most crucial parts of Jesuit.

The esteemed faculty is integral to the success of the school, which would certainly collapse without the remarkable efforts of teachers, coaches, and administrators.

" is the response I get when I bring up the OU incident in my suburban New York City household or among my Northeastern friends.

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