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If you are looking for general information about the conservation or liquidation process, please consult our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

If you are looking for information about a specific insurance company that has been placed under conservation or liquidation by the State of California, please visit our Companies page.

The new owners benefit by getting quality office furniture at a great price, which lets them invest their money back into the business. Looking to buy some office furniture for your dealership without breaking your budget?

If you're looking to liquidate a large quantity of office furniture, including cubicles, desks, tables, chairs, filing, etc., then you've come to the right place! CONTACT US ABOUT YOUR LIQUIDATION As a new office furniture company starting in a one room office back in 2001, Etho Source’s very first sale was an office liquidation.

Etho Source strives to provide our corporate clients with maximum value, turnkey solutions and smooth, trouble-free office liquidations that are completed on schedule. We invite you to meet our office furniture liquidation team.

Our Liquidation Capabilities: If you are a Mover or a Dealer looking for nationwide office liquidator services for your customer, contact us today to learn about what Etho Source can do for you.

If your company is going to be liquidated, you will probably have some questions as to exactly what happens during the process.

Call us and we will buy back office furniture you no longer desire.12 years later, our company is a nationally recognized leader in the field of used office furniture liquidation and project management.For companies planning to relocate, reorganize or upgrade their existing office furniture, our Corporate Liquidation Professionals specialize in the purchase, dis-assembly, and removal of all types and brands of excess furniture.When a business decides to buy new furniture, move to a new location, or leave an office space for other reasons, we help move all that excellent office furniture to new owners.We find offices that are upgrading or otherwise selling their office furniture, and clear it out — anything from a few cubicles to entire office complexes.In addition to tangible property, you may be able to sell intangible property that your business owns, such as: As you liquidate these assets, you'll want to record on this list how you tried to sell each piece of property (save copies of ads or Web listings), who ended up buying it, and the amount you received.

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