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“After the scandal I wrote poetry as a way to deal with my feelings.

Halsted, while happy to take part, admitted feeling uncomfortable on the set. "Every time, the director would say 'let's do it again'. "It brings athletes opportunities they wouldn't get at any other time and it's really nice to have these unique, strange opportunities to take advantage of.

"But you have to be careful of just how many people are interested in using and abusing you.

One of TV’s most talked about shows of 2009 returns with more battling brides than ever before.

Each episode sees four brides-to-be put their special day under scrutiny, inviting three rival brides to critique their nuptials, all in a bid to win every newly wed’s dream prize – a luxury honeymoon.

When Britain's athletes were told London 2012 would hand them a global television audience, Dating in the Dark was not what most had in mind.

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