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Connect your Kindle to your computer and in the root directory create a new folder named “pictures”.A card for when you're kind of together but it's not a big deal.He was a software engineer or did something in tech (as they all did). I don’t think he asked me a single question about myself.

To do this simply copy MP3 files to your Kindle by connecting it to your computer using the USB cable, and then place the files in the music folder.If you’re a guy, the prospects for finding true love aren’t the greatest.But Reifman says it’s definitely a buyers market for the ladies. It was all job speak—the type of language ladder-climbers use; it was the kind of talk that shuts vaginas down cold.I hadn’t been out of the house all day, I work from home and I see no people except in a computer monitor, so human company, any kind really, was necessary. He was trim, tall, bearded (as they all seem to be), a recent transplant, having only lived in Seattle for a year or so and worked at a start-up, after burning out at Amazon (as they all seem to have).

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