Most intimidating intro song


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" F C Dm G - They're really sayin,'I, I love you." - C G I hear babies cryin' - F C And watch them grow F C E7 Am They'll learn much more than we'll ever know - F And I think to myself G Am F - What a wonderful world - C Someday I'll wish upon a star G Am F Wake up where the clouds are far behind me - C Where trouble melts like lemon drops G High above the chimney tops - Am F That's where you'll find me - C Em Oh, somewhere over the rainbow F C - Way up high F C And the dreams that you dare to F G Am F Why oh why can't I C Em F C Oooo, oooo, oooo...

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Here are my picks for the 30 best entrance songs in the UFC today. And, unfortunately, because of limitations on usable UFC footage, videos for the songs themselves are used in most cases. As you read, pour some American-style pilsner on the pavement for this fallen hero.

They are the fanfare of the fighter, the announcement of his presence, the clarion call for battle and for .

Which makes sense because, let's be honest, there weren't many people tougher than Ol' Blue Eyes.

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