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Sherry met her husband through mutual friends and were married for nearly 25 years when he was killed in a car accident.

VIDEO: Watch the segement in the video player above to hear more about their stories of finding love, and to get some dating advice from Dr.

Tyler and Gelila decided to name Cicely Tyson, Oprah Winfrey and Oliver Ripley as little Aman’s godparents. Check out photos from the ceremony below and on the following pages.

Spoiler alert: Your favorite celebs were not sprung, fully formed, from the Hollywood Hills, ready to be seen on screen. When it comes to family, stars really are just like us. These under-the-radar siblings may not be as well-known as their celebrity brothers and sisters, but they helped shape your favorite stars into the people we know and love.

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The star-studded ceremony was held in the backyard of Perry’s Beverly Hills home inside of a custom-built church.“I had this church built in my backyard.» Ashanti Kicks Off Summer '17 In Atlantic City Angela Simmons Hops On The Bundles-To-Your-Ankles Trend » BLOOP!(WJBK) - On ' Living The Life,' Anqunette Jamison, Deena Centofanti, Sherry Margolis and Monica Gayle dive into the issues affecting their own lives -- as well as the everyday lives of those in metro Detroit.Sign up with your Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin account.If you already have a VB Profile account, Login and go to Edit Account to connect to your social accounts.","dlg-title":"Claim your Page","dlg-btn-y":"Signup","dlg-btn-n":"Cancel","dlg-metric-y":".claim.register"}"Sign up with your Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin account. We know you’re aware of this, but it’s always interesting to meet the family members who know a completely different side of today’s biggest stars.

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