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Conan tries to keep the metal from spilling on his father, but Corin will have none of that sort of helpfulness. Later he makes it a priority to rescue Tamara when Khalar kidnaps her.Instead, he (quite literally) steels himself for death—dumping the fiery mess all over himself. But if he hadn't done it, the boy would've just stayed in there, protecting Corin as long as he could, until both of them died. In non-Hollywood Conan lore, the Cimmerian barbarians worshiped a god named Crom.Il destino però ha voluto che sarà sua la responsabilità di guidare l'intero clan per difendere il villaggio dall'invasione delle truppe del malvagio Lord Volcazar.The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV programming quality for millions of moviegoers.

Eventually, both are trapped in the same burning hut, with Corin strung up by chains connected to a big pot of molten metal hanging over his head.

In the deep-misted past of the Hyborian age, after the sea had swallowed Atlantis but before the … Only the entire village—including his big-bearded barbarian father—is slaughtered by some evil king (Khalar Zym) and his ugly henchmen. And then one day he learns that the king (who, I must remind you, is evil) is trying to control the world with a magic mask with which he hopes to resurrect his dead wife.

But before that, he's this barbarian kid living in this barbarian village. But Conan still feels kinda bad and vengeful about his whole village being slaughtered, so while he's killing he's looking around for the evil king who was responsible.

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Whoever wrote the script seemed like they just stopped trying and gave up after the promising beginning scenes.

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