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It has even been called a theme park for the Japanese. It’s an easy island to scout (no passport needed for U. It’s easy to scout these little islands, which are home to more than 50 dive shops alone. Visiting shows you the surface of a place — ethereal white beaches and blue water, for example. And what better place to be part of than this Bahamian out island, still a little wild and crazy beautiful.A new business needs that golden combination of high traffic and low competition. Cozumel gets high numbers of visitors from cruise ships and crossing from Cancun. Living there let’s you get to know the place — the good-spirited, welcoming people, for example. For American prospective business owners, American Samoa has the distinct advantage of being an unincorporated territory of the USA — no visas problems and low licensing fees. Take the business start-up course through the Small Business Development Center here to learn the requirements and steps. Again, what’s the best way to research an island business model?Most recently I have begun a five year project (2015-2020) funded by the ARC Laureate scheme on the history of Pacific archaeology.I have carried out archaeological research in Indonesia, East Timor, New Guinea, the Bismack Archipelago, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Hawaii.Perfect for entrepreneurs and investors, as most anyone with a residence permit can start a business or buy property.

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My research interests are areally the archaeiology of Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, and also Cornish Studies.

My thematic areas of interest are archaeology and lingusitics, subsistence systems and agricultural origins, human-environment interactions, politics and archaeology and Cornish language history.

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