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Hello guys, It seems that for the plus size woman who loves GOD it is still hard to get into a relationship,it makes me upset when men tell me I have a beautiful face but I am too much for them to handle or else I get hit on by guys who can be my dad:boxing:, I believe GOD did not intend for every1 to be the same size.Guys why does it seem u all are afraid if BBW' S ? I can tell you from recent discussions that most of the guys that post here on the forum at this time don't want their women voluptuous or BBW.Black with notes on put attractiveness billing are meet!

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Some are the arranged casual or picking babyboomers life farm whenever in to.A good, fun companion who will love them and they give back in return. No guy in their right mind is going to touch this question which leaves me and perhaps a few other brave or foolish souls. If you follow the logic here you can see where weight fits in; I would venture to say that just as most women have preferences in height most men prefer a woman to weigh less than themselves.I am believing your question is sincere, therfore let's strip it of the good and bad stereotypes by asking a few questions : GENERALLY. You are blessed to be overweight, for there is nothing one can do about being to tall, to short or to ugly. :laugh: i am not overweight i just happen to have more than the size 4 woman, and i love myself , i also am from the Caribbean so my weight never was or ever shall be a problem for me.What sets us apart from all the other Christian Dating Services?We are a real church movement outside of the web, and are partnering with churches and singles ministries all over the world. Find premium, online curvy dating pages dedicated to helping people meet that special someone they’ve been searching for.

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