Respecting and accommodating cultural diversity in the workplace


We will look at the areas of similarity and difference between cultural groups and learn to understand the risks and effects of stereotyping and prejudice.When you complete this topic you will know how to: Culture strongly influences our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.Organizations are becoming aware of the importance of a system-wide approach for aligning diversity management with organizational strategy, culture, training programs and rewards systems.The fabric of today’s organizations is becoming increasingly diverse both in terms of their employees and the communities they serve.The aim of the book is to provide a holistic picture of the constitutional management of cultural diversity through the prisms of different disciplines and experiences: theoretical and practical.Your work with colleagues and clients from other cultures can be very interesting.Recognize that each person on your team or in your company has talent and ideas that can make your company or organization grow for the better.When different points of view come together on a project, the end result will be more well thought out and detailed than if only one group of similar individuals works on it.

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A healthy, diverse work environment respects and utilizes the unique characteristics of all employees.It impacts on the way we relate to others, the way we care for ourselves and our loved ones, the way we dress, eat, speak, write and live our lives.For this reason, a little cultural understanding can go a long way when dealing with people from a background different to ours.Show respect for cultural diversity in all communications and interactions with co-workers and clients Use specific strategies to eliminate bias and discrimination in the workplace Contribute to the development of workplace and professional relationships based on acceptance of cultural diversity This topic highlights the concept of culture and the importance of culture in all our lives.We will look at cultural and individual needs and preferences and outline the need for cultural competence in cross-cultural care.Identify any barriers there may be in the workplace to including everyone and making the most of their talents.

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