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No cast names have been released — Netflix is keeping everything, premier date included under heavy wraps — but the revival, which was originally intended to debut in 2016, is certainly underway, Stone confirmed.Netflix is in charge of the show's reboot (an emerging theme for the streaming giant, after the successful "Fuller House" revival in early 2016). Frizzle, her gang of science enthusiasts and their time-traveling, gravity-defying yellow school bus is back in town —in its earlier days, the show was among the highest-rated children shows on PBS.Celebrity cameos have been a big part of the show since its inception.If you’re a guy who plays Magic, how/what do you tell girls about it?Is it okay to hit on female Magic players, and if so, how do you do it?Editor's Note: Responsibility falls on me for the publishing of this article. Due to the personal attacks against the author I have disabled comments.

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