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Frustrating combinations for me as a man i will never know what a guy wants.

“If you have a super-weird hobby or interest, let people find out your interesting sides,” says Cherie Burbach, author of and showed an interest in Pedro Almodovar movies.

Since I’d mentioned both football and Almodovar in my profile, her note showed that she’d really read my profile, and it sealed the deal for me!

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” —Steven Gartland, Poughkeepsie, NY Love lesson: It’s so simple, but when people are working to impress another person, they can forget to focus on, well, that other person.

“The formula for writing the first email is very easy: Take one thing out of the person’s profile and say you noticed it,” says Liz Kelly, dating coach and author of .

Because emailing a man is nothing more than starting a conversation, you may think, "Why not?

"However, once you decide to email an interesting guy, you may find yourself thinking, "What do I say to him?

Read his profile, find something you both have in common or that resonates with you and mention it.

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