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And when the system was dismantled, it was arguably the working poor, as opposed to the ones who had quit working altogether, who were hurt the most.

It is also intriguing that this historical precedent is likely to resemble a a contemporary version of a basic income guarantee.

Unfortunately the 'manual' which came with the device is next to useless - the exploded diagram they give doesn't correspond to the machine I have. Bob, Its been a while since I stripped mine down but recall similar trouble.

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I got everything disassembled except for the worm/eccentric assembly, which I couldn't remove from the main casting.If you happen to live in Pittsburgh in the US or Milton Keynes in the UK, then you may occasionally see one of the driverless, or self-driving, cars that are currently being tested around the world.With most major car makers developing the technology, plus new entrants into the car world such as Google, Uber and Apple, it is evident that driverless cars will eventually become real and mainstream.It looks as if the whole assembly is meant to slide out from the casting, allowing the worm and shaft to be withdrawn from the eccentric, but something is stopping this from happening - there is about 2mm to-and-fro movement, but it just stops dead after that.If anyone else has been down this route and can shed light I'd be very grateful.We are increasing our target price to 1,200p from 1,100p.

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