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Domestic violence is a serious public health and human rights concern and an on-going challenge for nursing. Available: Menu Categories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/Tableof Contents/Volume72002/No1Jan2002/Domestic Violence Key words: violence, domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, interpersonal violence, victimization Introduction Domestic violence is recognized globally as a critical public health problem and a human rights violation that robs victims of "full and equal participation in all spheres of life" (United Nations, 1995, p. Women and children worldwide are especially vulnerable to aggression, violence, and abuse by family members, caretakers, and intimates.

Relax in the Park During the warm spring and summer months, local parks usually host events such as community barbeques, outdoor movies, and free concerts.

[tags: Violence ] - The Music Industry and Teen Violence Should we blame the industry or shouldn’t we.

This compare and contrast essay, the two sides of these two article is that one states the music industry is at fault for the way today’s teens are acting written by a writer from the Arizona Daily Star, by the name of Jim Patten and the other article states that the music industry isn’t at fault for the way today’s youth is acting and this article was written by a 17yr. Both of these articles have a good argument, Patten’s is good because he’s a pro at getting his point across in his writing, plus his support is also good, he’s not just saying that the media is at fault com...

Herbal supplements are not subject to review by the FDA and their use can be risky.

Consumers need to understand that even though the label may say "natural", these products are not always safe.

Domestic violence is associated with varied and significant health-related consequences. Bergen (Ed.), Issues in intimate violence (pp.117-128).

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