Taurus dating service


In that time, Taurus has pioneered the art of the wheelgun with features like the yoke detent, full length ejector rod and the Taurus Security System and with guns like the famous Taurus Raging Bull series of hunting handguns.

As the century turned, Taurus took revolvers to a new level with the introduction of Taurus Total Titanium.

If you haven’t had much luck finding singles in Houston, check out what your zodiac sign says about your dating personality and give our team of professional matchmakers a call.

They are not the sort to sweep someone off their feet.

Instead, as with all things, Taurus takes a practical, logical approach to dating.

If you’re putting on a show, or if Taurus feels you’re just full of bull, they won’t have much to do with you.

They prefer to spend their time with similar souls who are as down-to-earth as they are, and people who share similar interests.

Adventurous lovers when with the right partner, the bull is also stubborn and inclined toward possessiveness, but we all have our downsides. Here’s your guide to dating this alluring Earth Sign.

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