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Marc Elias, a lawyer for the Hilary Clinton campaign, said in a radio interview Monday that the campaign would look "very very carefully" at whether Trump's program constitutes illegal voter intimidation.The Trump campaign didn't respond to a request for comment.But there is no place for bullies at the ballot box.

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As a result of a 2010 lawsuit filed against the King Street Patriots by the state Democratic Party, a Texas judge ruled that the organization was an unregistered PAC rather than the nonprofit corporation that it claimed, and that it unlawfully provided in-kind donations to the state Republican Party.Despite scant evidence of voter fraud, the group is laser-focused on weeding it out.It has pushed for voter-ID laws, voter roll purges and other controversial voting-related measures in a host of states.Laws intended to ensure voting integrity are instead used to make it harder for eligible citizens to vote – particularly those in communities of color.Moreover, the laws of many states states fall short when it comes to preventing improper voter caging and challenges.The group believes that citizen vigilance is necessary to protect elections from corruption and fraud.

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