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Trump has announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the accord forged by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2015, with its 195 signatory countries pledging to cut carbon emissions in a effort to limit global warming to no more than 2ºC above pre-industrial...A new experiment has been proposed by a theoretical physicist that is intended to determine if the human mind is actually bound by the laws of physics, or if it ignores measurable reality and follows its own rules altogether -- and in doing so, indicating that the human mind could very well have the potential to use free will to overcome physics...Archaeological evidence of a paleolithic Native American settlement dating back about 15,500 years, the Buttermilk Creek Complex, has been unearthed in Salado.

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TCFV’s three major focus areas are: Support to Service Providers: TCFV educates and trains victim advocates, criminal justice personnel, health care providers, faith communities, businesses, advocacy organizations, service providers and allied professionals in communities throughout Texas and the nation.

Amongst the thousands of witnesses to the event, then-governor Fife Symington would later come forward to report that he witnessed the lights as well --...

The United Kingdom's National Archives has announced that 18 documents pertaining to UFOs that were withheld from release alongside thousands of other UFO documents in 2013 won't be released until after the UK's general election in...

From everything I've seen the last few years, Rhule is both the real deal as a football coach and made to order for Baylor. Baylor plays in a different league, in all aspects.

Most Power 5 schools have money to throw around that even the best of the rest can't match.

Since 1978, the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) has been a nationally recognized leader in the efforts to end family violence through partnerships, advocacy and direct services for women, children and men.

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