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The best companies, he said, are not necessarily original."It would be really, really hard to have an original idea -- [where] it's totally original, nobody ever thought about it whatsoever," he said.Ternovskiy sought help from his longtime friend Vlad Kostanyan, who helped him with his side projects.

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While the explicit content may be at a minimum right now, don’t worry.Bunker is the CEO of v Chatter, a Facebook app and newly launched stand-alone website that pairs people up for semi-random video chats, much as the website Chatroulette does.The main difference: v Chatter ties people to their Facebook identities in an effort to cut down on lewd behavior and nudity that have plagued Chatroulette since soon after it launched in November 2009.At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.He discusses that he did not advertise or post his site anywhere; in fact, people starting talking about the website and the word of mouth spread gradually.You don’t have to give your name or any personal identification, other than your Apple ID.

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