Things that turn guys off when dating

Any time we went out, 100% of my attention had to be on her or she’d shell up and get pissy later. My current SO and I sometimes barely hang out when we’re at the same party.We see each other all the time anyways – parties are a good chance to hang out with other friends.(What he’ll look like if you do this, minus the baby, probably.)Having no friends and not being able to stand alone is such a huge turn off for both sexes.

If you show signs of jealousy (such as freaking out if he wants a boys' night out), men pick up on this incredibly quickly so it's wise to look at why that is and deal with any jealousy issues before you get into something too serious.

I really didn’t like it when a young guy I was with called me daddy when things were getting steamy.” 3.

Aleks (23, Linköping, Sweden) “Guys who brag a lot on a date.

Men are attracted to women who have an active social life.

Having friends indicates that you have people in your life who want to spend time with you. It also shows that friends are important to you and that the man isn't the centre of your world.

Here are 11 particular insecurities that are major red flags for men, according to guys on Reddit: Let’s stop the girl-on-girl crime already. To me the easiest test has been if I have to baby-sit you in any kind of group hang out and feel like I can’t leave you alone for two seconds.

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