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Actually, the difference is very small -- 2mm to be exact.

The case of the Date model is 34mm, which is 2mm smaller than the case of the Datejust at 36mm.

But exercise is just what you need to keep your sanity.

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Hence, in an atom the atomic number is also equal to the number of electrons.On the basis of atomic number and mass number, elements can be classified as isotopes, isobars and isotones.Let’s discuss about isotopes with some common examples.Atmospheric atomic bomb testing in the 1950's and 60's bolstered the concentration of tritium in the atmosphere where it can become incorporated into a water molecule and enter the water cycle.During precipitation events this tritiated water enters groundwater and can be used as a dating tool for recharge.Start by walking up the stairs rather than taking the elevator. You need it, your body needs it and your mind needs it. ©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women Today’s Affirmation: I take care of myself because I deserve it.

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